Downstream processes

For filter products, we use a laser to rapidly drill the desired holes in the product. Next we check the quality of each individual drill hole while simultaneously cleaning the product using a flow test. Finally, a fully automated system assembles the workpieces into a component group and packs them in the proper order.

Increasingly, we assemble individual parts into component groups using laser welding.


  • High welding speed
  • Extreme precision
  • Outstanding process stability

Depending on the requirements, we may employ other fastening techniques in place of welding (e.g. adhesive, resistant welding, wobble rivet). Zipped tubes, for example, are significantly more economical than deep-drawn ones. Zipping also makes it possible to incorporate additional features, such as guide grooves, into the tube.

Our new cleaning center enables us to meet the most stringent cleanliness requirements. The cleaning center is designed for both pre-cleaning and detail cleaning using water-based and solvent-based processes.

Our experienced teams achieve even more with your parts thanks to our flexible and organized work processes which comply with the most modern criteria.

Thanks to one-piece flow or to value-flow-optimized assembly lines according to the flow principle we assemble step-by-step complex modules.