Stamping & forming

We are world leaders in stamping and forming, in both progressive composite and transfer technology. We build transfer tools that are exceptionally flexible and economical of raw materials and operate at up to 300 strokes per minute. Furthermore, certain assembly operations can be performed in the tool itself. By using state-of-the-art tools we assure our customers of extremely short development lead times.

We have gained an exceptional know-how in the production of decor and trim parts during many years of experience.

In the field of light metal trim parts we are among the top 5 manufactures in Europe. We are able to manufacture simonized-finished trim parts with our transfer and insert tools.

Our modern press park includes hydraulic and mechanical press of 50 to 630 tons.
We deliver over 90% of our stamped and formed parts to the automotive industry. One out of every three new vehicles in the world, for instance, is equipped with ABS housing covers from Adval Tech (Switzerland) AG.