Corporate structure and shareholders

Adval Tech Holding AG, incorporated in Niederwangen, Switzerland, is organized as a holding company under Swiss law and directly or indirectly owns all Adval Tech companies worldwide. The Adval Tech Group concentrates on selected activities in the business with metal and plastic components and focuses on the automotive market and related applications. The operating business units report as follows:

  • Adval Tech (Grenchen) AG: to the managing director of the Niederwangen site of Adval Tech (Switzerland) AG
  • Adval Tech (Hungary) Kft., Adval Tech (Suzhou) Co. Ltd, Adval Tech (Mexico) S. A. de C.V.: to the managing director of the Muri site of Adval Tech (Switzerland) AG
  • Adval Tech (Hungary) Plant 2 Kft.: to the managing director of Adval Tech (Germany) GmbH & Co. KG
  • The other business units report directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

Group management and Group financing are conducted through Adval Tech Management AG and Adval Tech Holding AG. Business is conducted through the relevant Group companies. The current Group structure is shown on page 33.

Adval Tech has a single class of shares (registered shares). All registered shares are listed on SIX Swiss Exchange under securities number 896 792 and are traded in line with the Swiss Reporting Standard.

The SIX Swiss Exchange ticker symbol for Adval Tech registered shares is ADVN, the Reuters symbol is ADVN.S, and the Bloomberg symbol is ADVN SW.  The ISIN number is CH0008967926. The market capitalization of Adval Tech Holding AG on December 31, 2020, was CHF 124.1 million.

On December 31, 2020, Adval Tech Management AG held 96 registered shares in Adval Tech Holding AG (previous year: 96). The remaining Group companies hold no shares in Adval Tech Holding AG.

The following companies are included in the scope of consolidation on December 31, 2020:

CompanyRegistered officeShare capital / capital stockEquity holding
Adval Tech Holding AGNiederwangen, SwitzerlandTCHF14,600
Adval Tech Management AGNiederwangen, SwitzerlandTCHF100100%
Adval Tech Immobilien AGNiederwangen, SwitzerlandTCHF100100%
Adval Tech (Switzerland) AGNiederwangen, SwitzerlandTCHF3,050100%
Adval Tech do Brasil Indústria de AutopeçasSão José dos Pinhais PR, BrasilTBRL3,298100%
Adval Tech (US) Inc.Cleveland, OH, USATUSD1100%
Adval Tech Holding (Germany) GmbHEndingen, GermanyTEUR25100%
Adval Tech (Germany) GmbH & Co. KGEndingen, GermanyTEUR1,132100%
Adval Tech (Germany) Verwaltungs GmbHEndingen, GermanyTEUR51100%
Adval Tech (Mexico) S.A. de C.V.Querétaro, MexicoTUSD3100%
Adval Tech (Hungary) Kft.Szekszárd, HungaryTEUR990100%
Adval Tech (Hungary) Plant 2 Kft.Szekszárd, HungaryTEUR11100%
Adval Tech (Grenchen) AGGrenchen, SwitzerlandTCHF2,000100%
Adval Tech Holdings (Asia) Pte. LtdSingaporeTUSD2,267100%
Adval Tech (Suzhou) Co. LtdSuzhou, ChinaTUSD10,060100%
Adval Tech (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.Johor, MalaysiaTUSD505100%
Omni Plastics (Shanghai) Co. LtdShanghai, ChinaTUSD1,100100%
Omni Engineering Shanghai Co. LtdShanghai, ChinaTUSD2,800100%