Vision & Mission

We are the preferred partner for high-volume components manufactured in metal and plastic.

To make this vision come true …

… we offer the entire value chain as a one-stop-shop: from product development to prototyping, to tool and process development through to component production and assembly.

… we follow our global customers and form a world-beating partnership.

… we offer innovative solutions and an efficient process.

… we, the Adval Tech team, work to ensure profitable growth.

More innovative, faster, better!

Adding value through innovation - that's what the Adval Tech name stands for.

We are a global partner for technologically sophisticated components and assemblies manufactured in metal, lightweight metal and plastic. 

We focus on the automotive market and on applications that are comparable with those in the automotive industry in terms of quantity, quality requirements, life time and production processes.

We integrate technologically leading supply chain partners into our value chain right from the beginning, thereby minimizing risks.

We deliver Adval Tech quality globally and without compromise. On-time, on-quality, on-cost: with our solutions and services we generate added value to customers!