Media release on annual general meeting of Adval Tech Holding Ltd

All motions proposed by the Board approved

Niederwangen, May 23, 2014, 7.00 a.m. – At their annual general meeting on May 22, the shareholders of Adval Tech Holding Ltd approved all motions proposed by the Board. The Members of the Board Willy Michel, Michael Pieper, Hans Dreier and Roland Waibel have been elected for the period up to the conclusion of the next annual general meeting. Willy Michel was confirmed as Chairman of the Board for the same period. Leonardo Attanasio has reached the age limit of 70 years and did not stand for re-election to the Board. The Board did not propose the election of a new member to the general meeting.

Background information about the Adval Tech Group

Adding value through innovation – that’s what Adval Tech stands for. As a global technology and process partner Adval Tech focuses on the complementary technologies of metal stamping and forming and plastic injection molding. In selected markets in the automotive, medical technology and consumer goods sectors, Adval Tech is a leading global supplier of series parts, subassemblies, systems and tools. As a supplier and value-adding partner, Adval Tech covers the entire value chain: from product design and the development of series parts through construction and production of the necessary tools and molds to entire production systems and the resulting manufacture of components.



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